Maintenance Classification

Maintenance Classification

Nov 07, 2019

Maintenance classification

The Lockout tagout shall be carried out according to the procedure for maintenance operations above level 3.

Maintenance level - routine operation: all safety precautions in place

Operator - equipment operator: 1. General safety linkage mode 2. The machine is allowed to approach dangerous parts or energy of the machine under the safe stop or safe state.

Equipment operations - routine operations: 1. Complete zero access protection equipment 2. Equipment operation

Maintenance level 1: access protection through the safety gate interlock/grating system 2. New equipment with potential amputation hazard level 3 / failure to safety protection standard

Operator - operator operation/maintenance of the machine: 1. Normal operation contact 2. Feeding 3. Cleaning/material scraping 4

Equipment operation - routine operation: 1. Enter after protection 2. The equipment is in the ready state

2. Safety protection provided by the design lock of the equipment safety control system

Operator-mechanic maintenance equipment: 1. Routine maintenance in operation mode; 2. Failure inspection and handling by removing fixed protective cover; 3. Minor maintenance; 4. Fastening/debugging

Equipment operation-maintenance workers: 1. Routine, repeated, small maintenance 2. Control system is protected 3. Equipment is in the ready state

Maintenance level 3: the choice of protective measures: (1) be locked in accordance with the European power level 4 standard design of stop device (with keys) and (2) local/optional Lockout/tagout - heater/PLC/pump circulation fan air supply/security system with pressure - equipment is in the ready state 3. Low-voltage electrical Lockout tagout4. Comprehensive Lockout tagout (zero power)

Removal of molds for cleaning or replacement of broken or damaged parts 3. Replacement of power transmission parts 4. Removal of fixed safety protection for maintenance 6.

Equipment operation-maintenance worker/electrical local area maintenance: 1 in protected state 2. Perform local or regular Lockout tagout3. High integrity lockable control system device (e.g. Lockable emergency stop with redundancy and level 4 standard) 4. Equipment in ready state.