Maintenance Phenomenon

Maintenance phenomenon

In many factories, the traditional way to do this is to cut off the power and put up signs like "no closing, people working" or "no operation, maintenance in progress." but is it controllable? The author in the security inspection in the past, or learned in other enterprises will be such a phenomenon: still hangs on the edge of the running equipment prohibited work card, no signs or maintenance site, investigate its reason, is usually a homework personnel work forgot to listing, or hang the card after the homework forgot to pick, this production jobs also accustomed to, sometimes have to do is help to remove, but this kind of phenomenon is very terrible, have a factory accident is happened like this: Maintenance workers in the distribution cabinet after the power failure to hang the forbidden work card, to the site to work, a few hours later, other operators mistakenly completed the operation, power start equipment, resulting in a man-made safety accident.