Maintenance Safety Requirements

Maintenance Safety Requirements

Apr 16, 2019

In order to ensure the personal and equipment safety of maintenance work, the following maintenance safety requirements are put forward:

1. Strengthen the maintenance safety management, must be clear maintenance workshop safety person in charge. Responsible person of workshop safety shall supervise other personnel during maintenance and carry out maintenance work in accordance with the company's safety regulations.

2. All personnel involved in maintenance shall strictly implement the company's safety regulations, and shall not command, operate or violate labor discipline in violation of regulations; It is strictly prohibited to drink at work and at work.

3. The workshop leader shall make clear the safety leader of the maintenance project according to the maintenance work arrangement. All operating personnel participating in the maintenance of sub-projects must obey the work arrangement of the project leader and participate in the pre-shift safety meeting of the project team.

4. During maintenance, the project safety leader shall firstly shut off and lock the maintenance equipment. If the maintenance work is not completed, no one shall unlock the power transmission. If temporary power consumption is needed during the maintenance, the project safety person shall unlock the power transmission after careful inspection to ensure all safety.

5. During maintenance, when entering the equipment, container, grinding, storage and dust collector for operation, low-voltage safety lamps must be used, and 220V lighting is strictly prohibited.