Management Of Safety Production

Management Of Safety Production

Jun 30, 2020

In order to promote the implementation of the main responsibility for production safety

Enhance employee safety awareness

Today, Emergency Jun shares a business

Good experience and practice in production safety management

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Implement safety production to every link in the production process!

Dongguan City company is a major manufacturer and distributor of synthetic resins, engineering plastics and plastic alloys. In addition to focusing on technological innovation and developing brand strategy, Rakuten has always attached great importance to promoting teams, workshops and employees to carry out work safety duties step by step, so that work safety can truly become the conscious action of teams, workshops and employees in production and operation activities. The pre-shift meeting is not only an important link of workshop management, but also an important premise and guarantee to ensure the safety and efficiency of the work. How to hold a good pre-shift meeting, how to play the role of the pre-shift meeting, so that front-line operators to establish a sense of safety production, master the knowledge of safety production? Rakuten has a distinctive approach.

According to the manager, the company requires each team to reserve 10 minutes before the shift every day, and hold a pre-shift meeting on the theme of "risk prediction". Conference, by the team leader is to write the selected theme "dangerous" on the whiteboard and risk prevention measures, then team members of security measures to supplement, members of the team leader of the proposed security should know should give meaning, the content and measures to prevent the risks neatly sum up into a simple, easy to remember, catchy phrases, all the staff in the form of a slogan repeated three times to deepen our impression. "For example, the dangerous operation today is equipment maintenance, the safety measure is power outage, Lockout Tagout, then the slogan can be summarized as' Switch misoperation is easy to happen during maintenance, danger! ', 'Lockout Tagout, be safe! 'Wait." The pre-shift meeting is a golden time to implement safety management, which can deepen employees' understanding of risk prevention and avoid mistakes in operation. We insist on doing this every day to ensure that everyone has safety awareness and can always sound the alarm bell. "Although 10 minutes is very short, there are 3,650 minutes in a year. The all-top and all-down pre-shift meeting makes employees further improve their safety awareness, make safety prediction and eliminate potential safety risks.

"In all businesses, security is the highest priority. Not safe, not to act..." Safety is always the first priority, and all employees must adhere to the company's safety policies and principles.