Management Requirements

Management Requirements

Nov 30, 2019

Management requirements

The basic requirements

All isolation facilities for hazardous energy and materials shall be Lockout tagout during operation to avoid accidental release of hazardous energy or materials stored in equipment and facilities or system areas.

Methods of isolating or controlling hazardous energy and materials mainly include:

Disconnect the power supply or discharge the capacitor;

Isolating or releasing pressure;

Stop the rotation of the device and ensure that it no longer turns;

To release (containers, pipelines, etc.) stored energy and materials;

Lower the device to prevent plane movement.

Prior to commencement of work, it is the responsibility of all personnel involved in the operation to confirm that isolation is in place and to implement this specification. Personnel associated with the isolation point should communicate the Lockout tagout status in a timely manner, maintain Lockout tagout throughout the work period of the cross-shift operation, and inform all on-site shift replacements to complete the handover and re-lock under the supervision of the top management on the site.

Lockout tagout shall be operated by the operator himself, selecting appropriate ways to isolate or control the energy or material, and ensuring that the safety lock and tag are in the correct position. Under special circumstances, if I have difficulty with the lock, I should have someone else do it for me visually (such as the lock point on the rack).