Mechanical Damage

Mechanical Damage

Oct 10, 2020

Mechanical damage: refers to the damage caused by the powerful functions of machinery on the human body.

Types of damage: entangling and entangling, squeezing, bumping, projectile strikes, falling strikes, cutting and bruising

Safety switch with independent operator

Hinged switch and safety handle

Tamper-proof equipment using RFID technology

Stainless steel safety hinged switch with electronic contact module

The features are as follows:

Hold power 1100N, safe and reliable

Directable head and release device, switches can support 32 different configurations

Six contact blocks are available to achieve higher contact reliability

Laser engraving, these signs are durable even under harsh working conditions

IP67 protection level

The product combination is rich and diverse, and can match strongly

Complies with the latest safety standard EN ISO 14119


According to ISO12100, the only class A standard in mechanical safety standards, the "three-step method" risk level control should be followed in the process of safety design and risk reduction of machines, namely:

A) Eliminate or reduce risks through intrinsically safe design

B) Necessary protection measures shall be installed against irremovable risks

C) Inform the user of the remaining risks due to the limitations of the protective measures taken