Mechanical Equipment Failure Electric Shock Accident

Mechanical Equipment Failure Electric Shock Accident

Mar 05, 2020

Case 3: illegal handling of motor mechanical equipment fault electric shock accident

Situation: more than 1 p.m. on August 14, 1993, work area the builder zhao mou a pile through reservoir dam # 11 + 290, see the side of the road vehicle "red flag" brand bicycles, and found the road pumping tube in the water, then decided that hao so-and-so within the construction site, he walked along the dam on the road to the dam surface, see hao so-and-so lie on your back in the downstream of sewage pump pumping pit, head east west foot, feet apart, hands clasped fork in his chest. He immediately realized that there had been an accident, hurried to call, and with someone cut off the power to save people. But it was too late. Hao had died.

At that time is the noon shutdown for dinner, the site no one, exactly how the accident, no circumstantial evidence, can only from the site and the pump power for pumping test analysis.

The water pump is placed on a tripod, which tilts to the east and appears to be inverted rather than inverted, all relying on the water pump power cable to maintain balance. The pump housing is charged. The leakage is caused by the tension of the cable, and the wiring head touches the junction box housing. This housing is connected with the pump housing, resulting in the charging of the pump housing. Hao xx, as a production team leader, was responsible for the whole site production and construction work. At noon, he cycled along the inner ring road of the reservoir area to check the situation. When the road passed the pile no. 11+290, he saw that the sewage pump was not pumping normally, so he started to adjust the pump position. Electric shock caused by live water pump housing.

Cause of accident:

1. Direct cause: during the inspection and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment, power must be cut off and signs must be hung. Moving mechanical equipment should also shut down power, until the machine stops rotating to move. Apparently, the deceased did not follow this rule.

2. Indirect reasons: the operation of mechanical equipment must undergo special training, understand and familiar with the equipment performance structure, maintenance procedures, after passing the examination, before the work. Hao xx is a technical cadre, but after all is not a professional worker, the corresponding safety operation procedures are not familiar with; Work area to sewage pump not on time for maintenance, just equipment with disease; The sewage pump is placed on the tripod, and the tripod has been skew no one thought it was abnormal phenomenon, still continue to let it work, site safety management loopholes.

3. Main reasons: the mechanical and electrical equipment of the mobile transfer machine is not shut down and the power is cut off. In normal times, the inspection and maintenance of the mechanical and electrical equipment is poor, and the equipment runs with diseases.

Preventive measures:

1. Construction units shall strengthen the management of mechanical and electrical equipment, and establish and improve the use of mechanical and electrical equipment. Repair, maintenance system, even if it can not be done by the machine, supervision personnel must be specially trained personnel to operate or move mechanical and electrical equipment.

2. Safety management should be strengthened on the construction site. The person in charge of construction (operation leader), construction staff and production workers should be responsible for safety production, and various hidden dangers and unsafe factors should be found and eliminated in time.

3. Two people must participate in the inspection and maintenance of the electrical circuit. It is strictly prohibited for one person to do the maintenance work alone.