Mechanical Isolation - Single Isolation Valve

Mechanical Isolation - Single Isolation Valve

Sep 24, 2020

Mechanical isolation - single isolation valve

Can be used for shorter tasks (15 minutes)

Valves must have a good record of prior isolation

Relieve the system downstream of the isolation valve to "zero"

Staff must not leave the work area

Note: Respiratory protective equipment must be used if toxic substances, such as H2S, are present in the system

Allowed in the following task types

Clean or replace instruments and meters

Install isolation plate/blind plate with handle

Cleaning filter

Replacement washer unit

Change of meter

Pipe cleaning ball (serve and receive)

Not applicable to:

Maintenance work

The thermal operation

Enter restricted space

The following situations shall not be used:

Pipeline and equipment pressure over 10MPa and valve size over 150mm

There have been serious valve leaks

The presence of acid, alkali or other toxic fluid that seriously endangers the safety of personnel