New Arrival- Manhole Lockout Bag MHL01

New Arrival- Manhole Lockout Bag MHL01

Sep 01, 2018

Let me introduce the newest product of Lockey-The Manhole Lockout Bag. The bag is made from wear resisting polyester cloth, which is easy to use and carry. All sides of the regular triangle bag are 45mm long and you need to buy the cable lockout seperately.

Part No.: MHL01

Manhole Lockout Bag

a)      Made from wear resisting polyester cloth.

b)      With 5 meters cable lockout, can lock kinds of man hole.

c)      Print warning sign on the surface, warning sign can be customized.


Part No.



Size:   485mm(W)x420mm(H), cable lockout need   to buy seperately.