Obtain Pipeline/equipment Opening Permit

Obtain Pipeline/equipment Opening Permit

Nov 21, 2020

Obtain pipeline/equipment opening permit

Pipeline/equipment opening permit management requirements

(1) The person in charge at the site for the opening of pipelines/equipment shall apply for the permit for the opening of pipelines/equipment, and the local unit shall cooperate with the following relevant materials and facilities:

1. Description of opening of pipelines/equipment;

2. Attached drawings, such as operation environment schematic diagram, technological process schematic diagram, plane layout schematic diagram, etc.;

3. Pre-work safety analysis;

4. Safety work plan;

5. Emergency plan;

6. Personal protective equipment;

7. Relevant safety training or meeting minutes;

8. Other relevant information.

(2) Dependency units shall formulate risk reduction measures to implement them. The project leader of the dependency unit shall fill in the hazard identification, risk reduction measures and personal protective equipment column in the pipeline/equipment Opening permit.

Line/equipment open operation personal protective equipment

(I) Safety professionals and users shall participate in the selection and determination of appropriate personal protective equipment when the pipeline/equipment is opened.

(2) Prior to the use of PERSONAL protective equipment, the user shall conduct on-site inspection or test, and the equipment shall not be used until it passes the test.

(3) A list of personal protective equipment shall be established according to the protection requirements, including the type of protective equipment used, the duration of use and the effective range of use. Ensure that personnel on site have timely access to personal protective equipment.

(4) The following requirements shall be observed when opening pipelines/equipment containing highly toxic or highly toxic materials that may cause immediate harm to life and health:

1. All personnel entering the area affected by the opening of pipelines/equipment shall wear personal protective equipment as required;

2. Personal protective equipment (PPE) may not be worn outside the area affected by the opening of the pipeline/equipment (located outside the barricade or cordon but visible in the work area), but it must be ensured that ppe is available in a timely manner.