Operating Instruction

Operating Instruction

Sep 10, 2019

Lockout tagout/license application: responsible person - licensed operator, associated operator

The permit shall be fully completed and confirmed by the relevant department (guardian);

Use the hanging/locking tools provided by the company;

If it is not possible to lock, you must sign up and use other mechanical measures to eliminate the hidden danger.

Control of existing energy sources; Responsible person - authorized operator

Check all moving parts to make sure they are no longer moving;

Support the equipment/components to prevent gravity from causing energy;

Release of energy related to overheating or cooling;

Cleaning process pipeline residues;

Close all valves and isolate with blind plate when no valves are available.

Confirm the status of isolation device; Responsible person - franchise operator

Make sure the energy control switch can no longer be moved to the "on" position

Press the device switch, the test cannot be started again;

Check other isolation devices;

Put all the switches in the position of "off".