Operation Card Safety Management System

Operation card safety management system

Range of 1.

This system is applicable to the daily use of electrical and mechanical equipment operation plates in the company and the safety management of electrical operation carried out by the equipment management Team

2. The purpose of

Standardize the use of operating plates to ensure personal safety during equipment operation and maintenance.

3. The responsibility

The business section is responsible for the supervision and management of the production, distribution and use of operation CARDS.

Electrical and mechanical equipment operators and equipment management Team are responsible for the storage and use of operation CARDS.

Content of 4.

4.1 making of equipment operation board

4.1.1 if the newly added or modified equipment needs to make equipment operation plates, the manager of the department where the equipment is located shall submit the list of equipment operation plates to the business department, which shall make the list according to the list.

4.1.2 add or change the operation plates of the equipment, which shall be collected by the equipment management Team before the equipment is officially put into use and used in trial run. After the trial run, the equipment management Team shall transfer the operation plates to the operators.

4.1.3 if the equipment operation plate is found to be damaged, lost or omitted, the workshop manager shall provide the list of equipment operation plates to be replaced and submit it to the business department.

4.1.4 when the new equipment needs to be used and operated before the new equipment operation plate is completed, the temporary equipment operation plate issued by the business section can be used, and the equipment cannot be operated without the license (except in case of accident or emergency); If the equipment operation card is lost in the night shift, the position can only be operated after the shift leader confirms and issues the "temporary equipment operation card", but the "temporary equipment operation card" issued by the shift leader is only valid during the shift.