​operation Procedures Of Electrical And Mechanical Equipment

​operation Procedures Of Electrical And Mechanical Equipment

Mar 14, 2020

operation procedures of electrical and mechanical equipment

4.2.1 operation card is the only certificate that has the right to operate electrical and mechanical equipment. Those who have no operation card have no right to operate any electrical and mechanical equipment. The operator must hand over the operation card well when taking over the shift.

4.2.2 only one operating card is allowed for one device, and the operating card of multi-point operating equipment is kept by the main operating point. Before equipment maintenance, maintenance workers must receive equipment operator's operation card to repair. Any equipment maintenance or temporary troubleshooting, must be obtained before the operation of the card. After the operation card is handed over, any post operator has no right to operate the equipment. When the equipment or test run needs to be started at the end of maintenance or maintenance, the operator must operate according to the command of the maintenance director or after the recovery of the operation plate, and make the safety confirmation of the relevant personnel.

4.2.3 after the equipment maintenance, the maintenance personnel shall take the initiative to return the operation card to the operators. After the operators get the operation card, they must first check the equipment after maintenance, and confirm that the equipment has the operation conditions and the personnel can be operated after evacuation.

4.2.4 the operation board shall be hung in the obvious position of the operation post. When the operator leaves the operation post or handles faults, the operation board must be carried on the body.

4.2.5 if a single machine or part of a equipment has maintenance and processing failure, the operator shall have no right to operate other parts after the operation card is handed over, so as to avoid other equipment actions during operation that harm the maintenance personnel.

4.3 procedures of power disconnection

4.3.1 before the maintenance of equipment, the personnel at the post shall go to the site together with the maintenance personnel to jointly confirm the maintenance parts and understand the surrounding environment.

4.3.2 the personnel at the post and the maintenance personnel shall go to the control cabinet together to confirm the power switch of the equipment to be repaired. The personnel at the post shall conduct blackout operation and the maintenance personnel shall monitor the equipment.

After the power failure operation, the station personnel hand over the equipment operation card, maintenance personnel in the power switch on the "someone working, do not touch" warning board.

4.3.5 where the station is required to shut down the power supply of the on-site maintenance box, the maintenance electrician must conduct prior electricity, and the personnel at the station can only conduct the power supply operation after confirming that there is no short-circuit or grounding phenomenon.

4.3.6 when the same unit overhauls the same equipment in multiple jobs, the maintenance leading job or the equipment management Team manager shall assign a special person to handle the equipment operation card exchange procedures. The department manager shall be in charge of the exchange of equipment operation CARDS when multiple devices are overhauled at the same time.