Overview Of Zero Energy

Overview Of Zero Energy

Sep 17, 2020

Overview of zero energy

Isolated energy facilities: mechanical equipment that prevents the transmission or release of energy; Electrical switches, production line valves, mechanical locks for equipment, anything similar to prevent energy isolation.

Safety cut off device - electrical switch that visually identifies whether a knife or similar knife has been cut off.

Management procedures - such as: energy control plan, lock and tag test procedures, appropriate training for staff.

The "five Fatal" causes of non-zero-energy accidents

Did not stop the machine or equipment

It doesn't actually turn off the power

It doesn't get rid of residual energy

Accidentally turn on a closed device

The work site is not actually cleaned prior to restarting

What is a disconnect line

Disconnecting the pipe means breaking and entering a closed system. Disconnection is considered only when the risk assessment indicates that no other practical or safer alternative is available.

Disconnection of piping includes, but is not limited to, opening or operating on any process line, fitting or valve, instrument, viewing mirror, pump or vessel currently or ever containing a hazardous substance such as liquid, steam or gas. Replacing the filling material for the mixing shaft of the pump or pressure vessel is also considered to be a disconnect line.

However, certain disconnection operations, such as connecting or disconnecting the loading and unloading lines of tank trucks, are not governed by this document. This file can be used to isolate validation operations or to work on end containers that may contain residual hazards.