Padlock Industry Terminology

Padlock Industry Terminology

Jul 01, 2016

Academic industrial Yu lock is an anti-theft lock padlock products and styles there are c, e, SBE, and many other specifications type g, MUL-T-LOCK lock it has proof, pick resistant, skeleton key, cut-proof hand-twisting-proof, e, SBE, c-type lock also has a water-proof and frost resistance. E-type and g-type lock can be provided with cut-proof cover performance, c-lock provides locking protection cover, further enhanced lock security anti-theft performance.

Global interactive bead structure patent, key activity on beads, interaction with corresponding activities within core beads, is technically open nemesis, is the mechanical lock the highest security standards.

E-type, SBE-type, c-type padlock lock body mass is made of hard alloy steel shell hardness above 56 degrees; G-type padlock is made of zinc alloy, all padlock locking hook for Boron and manganese alloy, can withstand 2550-10200-kilogram-force of shear, 1530-10200 kg pulling force. Is suitable for machines, instruments and equipment, pipelines, banks, warehouses, escape door, prison, shops, shopping malls, offices, petrochemical, oil trucks, toolboxes, and high security sites and so on.