Padlock Type ---- -- By Material

Padlock Type ---- -- By Material

Dec 11, 2018

1, stainless steel padlock: this kind of padlock is characterized by strong antioxidant capacity, suitable for outdoor, but due to the difficulty of processing, high cost, less domestic use.

2, copper padlock: the main financial material of the lock is copper, the use of relatively common mainly small copper padlock, that is, the size below 40mm, mainly copper is relatively high.

3, iron padlock: use is very common.

A. electroplated iron padlock: watch

B. Gray iron padlocks: the surface is treated with gray paint, and many colored padlocks appear after that, all of which belong to this category.

C. Copper-like padlock: in fact, it is an electroplated iron padlock, referring to the copper-plated surface

4. Zinc alloy padlock: this kind of padlock is formed by die casting machine with high precision.