Personal Locks/tags

Personal Locks/tags

Mar 20, 2021

Personal locks/tags

Each worker who performs the Lockout tagout has his or her own personal lock and key. And keep by themselves, so as to ensure that the workers are individually locked for safety protection. For example, when a worker Lockout tagout the switch that controls machinery and equipment, only he himself can open the lock when he has finished his work, because no one else has the key to the lock. No one can inadvertently open this lock and start the machine. If two or more workers are working on a machine or equipment at the same time, each worker shall Lockout the tagout by himself. A single lock and tag shall not be shared.

Locks/signage shall be standardized within the enterprise and Lockout Tagout personnel shall use authorized methods. Locks and tags should not be used for any purpose other than habeas corpus protection.

When Lockout tagout is used, these locks shall normally be hung up and meet the following requirements:

Locks used for personnel protection should have corresponding personnel hangings;

Locks used to prevent danger should carry warning labels.