Points For Attention In Stamping Position

Points For Attention In Stamping Position

Feb 25, 2021

Points for attention in stamping position

Pre-operation safety inspection and verification

1, labor protection supplies (labor protection shoes, gloves, earplugs)

2, two hands switch

3. Infrared

4. Emergency stop switch

5. Protective nets

6. Whether the mold pressing plate is fixed and the equipment return rod is normal

7. Ensure that there are no waste materials and foreign bodies in the upper or lower molds

8. Whether the operating environment is safe (such as whether there is a waste pool attached)

In the homework

1. The body shall not enter the die closing area in the stamping process

2. Press the emergency stop switch immediately when the equipment is suddenly abnormal or the mold is loose

3. Ensure that there is no waste in the upper or lower die (stop operation for abnormal treatment)

4. Keep a safe distance from the dangerous area or do a good job of protection


People walk scram

Exception handling

1. The emergency stop switch or power supply must be turned off when the manual mode processing is abnormal

2. Maintenance personnel shall Lockout tagout during maintenance and shall not start it without permission

3. Report and feedback the shutdown in time under abnormal conditions