Power Failure Of Access Switch Caused Burns

Power Failure Of Access Switch Caused Burns

Mar 12, 2019

I. accident history

On April 2, 2005, a worker in working face maintenance switch, all of a sudden power failure, open the switch is ready to find the cause of the accident, Ms. Side side arranged electrician ryu to stop at the next higher level power supply, when Liu Mougang leave haven't stopped electricity, Ms. Blindly picked up a multimeter malfunction, when measuring voltage, because the multimeter gear in resistance, caused by short circuit, multimeter and generate spark, cause a short-circuit, Ms. Face and left hand burns, the switch burn out.

The cause of the accident

(1) the injured man, surnamed gao, had a poor sense of independent security. He violated the regulation of "no live maintenance of electrical equipment" when overhauling the switch. One person opened the switch blindly for live inspection, which resulted in his own injury.

(2) electrician liu weak sense of safety, mutual protection consciousness is poor, found a live switch shen, did not stop.

(3) the site management is not in place, the deputy district chief and the squad leader learned of the switch failure, did not immediately rushed to the scene for command and supervision.