Preparation Work Before Pipeline Disassembly

Preparation Work Before Pipeline Disassembly

Jan 14, 2020

Preparation work before pipeline disassembly:

I. the operator shall disassemble the pipe money to confirm the availability of the nearby eye wash station/safe shower.

Ii. Read the "material safety data sheet" for the substances contained in the pipeline.

Three, clearly know how to deal with the matter in contact with the tube.

Isolation of low risk material pipelines:

A. Determine to disassemble the inlet and outlet valves of the line, close and lock the inlet valves first, then close and lock the outlet valves. If there is a discharge valve, open the discharge valve to connect the pipeline with the atmosphere. (it is recommended to block or blind the pipeline)

2. If the pipeline is disassembled in the main line of the pump or equipment, the device must be disengaged and locked in accordance with the procedure of disconnecting energy.

Isolation of pipelines for high hazardous substances:

A. Permission must be obtained before work begins.

2. Close and lock the inlet and outlet valves.

3. Disassemble the pipe and install the blind plate which can bear the line pressure on both sides.


1. During the pipeline disassembly, a guardian must be arranged. Responsibility of guardian: in case of accident, responsible for notifying relevant personnel to provide help.

2. Loosen the pipe connection with a wrench.

3. It is forbidden to disassemble the pipelines containing combustible liquid by means of polishing and other methods that produce sparks. Flange bolts must be opened by mechanical methods that do not produce sparks.

Pipeline cleaning

1. If it can be cleaned, at least to the outflow valve.

2. If piping cannot be cleaned, take precautions to prevent damage as required on the permit.

Measures to be taken:

1. At least 1 meter away from the pipeline to be dismantled, delimit the operation area by rope or other means and warn others.

2. Use appropriate methods to prevent the pipeline from falling when the flange or device is released.

3. Use ladders, scaffolds, operating platforms or other methods and provide sufficient space for the operator to be within 20cm of the point of operation to prevent spillage.

Pipeline disassembly permit:

1. The pipes containing high dangerous substances shall be disassembled before the disassembly can begin.

2. The license is valid for one shift, except that the same group has completed the work of disassembling the pipeline from beginning to end.

3. The pipeline disassembly permit shall be made in triplicate, with one copy for each operator, site operator, system leader and safety coordinator.

Protective equipment:

1. All pipelines must be opened with chemical protective goggles.

2. Check the "material safety data sheet" (MSDS) and other personal protective equipment according to the substances in the pipeline.

3. Select respiratory protectors according to the material safety data sheet. If you do not know the concentration, choose personal protective equipment according to the high concentration.

4. When the guardian is also in the danger area, it is necessary to wear the same personal protective equipment.