Prepare The Draft Of LOTO Card

Prepare The Draft Of LOTO Card

Nov 14, 2019

3 prepare the draft of LOTO card:

1) complete the program

Identify all energy types, sources and levels.

Confirm lock/release location.

Describe exactly what energy controls.

Describe the lock/control position.

Describe the authentication program.

Add appropriate risk warnings. Add any warnings useful for troubleshooting.

2) complete the machine plan

Describe exactly where the LOTO card is posted. Remember to place an icon on the floor plan so that "your position is here" is clearly marked.

Verify the accuracy and accuracy of the floor plan.

Represents the lock/release point and control object.

Other risks

Indicates main, auxiliary and adjacent machinery.

Hold confirmation meeting: the confirmation of the sign shall be attended by all relevant personnel and minutes of the meeting shall be formed.

5. Sign, make and post signs

EHS personnel shall keep a copy of the label;

Print and produce the final sign;

Properly post signs to the site.

6. Conduct acceptance audit

The team leader organizes the acceptance audit, and the plant manager must participate as the auditor

Confirm on site that the sign conforms to the condition of equipment.