Product Main Features

Product Main Features

Nov 22, 2018

Safety padlock is different from the household door lock and triangular door lock on the train, not a key open a lock or a triangle key open all the door of the train. But a unit using the key to having a dedicated and corresponding lock core, can lock any switch of the unit management, and other units can't unlock after locking.

The general lock is a key to open a lock, lock can't literally conversion, if use this kind of lock lock switch, it is easy to rust, 2 it is difficult to manage. There are dozens or hundreds of devices in a team, you need to manage dozens, hundreds of locks, management hundreds, thousands of keys, this is very complicated to use.

Installed in the switch of the safety padlock lock core, can be used interchangeably (the key to in response to operation), namely: is the key to lock and its corresponding headquarters specialized management. And lock body (not lock) with the switch is common, such as not to use the key to accountability by the charge of the unit, can it corresponds to the charge of lock screw in any lock set, any lock switch; When the switch over, also do not need to remove the lock body, attending the lock only twist on our unit, unit that receives the locked his charge of lock.