Production Safety Accident

Production Safety Accident

Feb 26, 2019

On June 6, 2004, the main bearing of no. 1 plastic mixer was damaged and needed to be shut down for repair. At 8 am, repairman li daohong opened the top cover of no. 1 plastic mixer and prepared to continue to dismantle the mixer arm and barrel inside the machine. About 10 o 'clock, li daohong brought three feet of gourd, wire rope and die, himself in the machine side buckle wire rope horse buckle, rubber worker Yin hong into the machine barrel with three claw die to remove the mixing arm. At this time, no. 2 plastic mixer operator jiang honghua finished adding no. 2 plastic mixer raw materials, ready to start the motor mix. When he presses the start button, he mistakenly presses the start button of the no.1 plastic mixer, which causes the no.1 plastic mixer under repair to start suddenly, and hears a scream of "ah" in the barrel of the no.1 plastic mixer, he immediately presses the stop button and stops the no.1 plastic mixer. At this time, li daohong to the machine barrel inside a look, Yin hong has been run over the flesh and blood. Work station on sales director will present total 1 machine brake down, and with the workshop director, ready to start to embrace from inside the barrel Yin Gong, but Yin Gong clothes is mixing materials inside cylinder arm tightly buckle, unable to pull out, that some people just scissors to cut the Yin Gong clothes after holding out, find Yin Gong had stopped breathing. After that, the person in charge of the enterprise immediately called 120 for help. After 120 came, Yin hong was diagnosed dead by the doctor. Call 110 and report it.

3. On-site investigation

Through investigation, members of the investigation team found that:

(1) no. 1 machine did not cut off the main power supply when it was stopped for maintenance. 

(2) there are no labels on the distribution panel and the machine.

(3) jiang honghua used to be an operator of no. 1 mixing machine. Due to the shutdown and repair of no. 1 machine on the same day, the person in charge of production temporarily transferred him to no. 2 machine for operation. 

(4) the enterprise has not formulated the "safety maintenance system" and "post safety technical operation rules".