Promote The Enterprise Safety Production

Promote The Enterprise Safety Production

Oct 22, 2020

We will promote workplace safety in enterprises

Focusing on the production process of medicine and fine chemical industry, it has invested 2 million yuan in bid promotion and reconstruction of the independent training center covering 880 square meters, with 100 theoretical training classrooms, 50 simulation training rooms, practical operation training workshop and safety experience hall. Among them, the actual operation training simulated the production workshop to focus on the supervision of the process scene, set up utilities, raw material tank, synthesis reaction and rectification tower and other "mini" production lines. The safety experience hall is equipped with limited space, Lock out tag out, fire-fighting experience, CARDIopulmonary resuscitation, labor protection equipment wearing, VR accident experience and other items.

Develop an empirical approach

Invigorate surplus training resources open to the public, and provide safety and environmental protection related training services for more than 3,000 personnel every year. Among them, 1000 people are trained offline and 2000 people are trained online. Through the combination of "online + offline" training mode, the online use of big data, short video and other carriers, offline carry out safety activities, emergency drills, simulation operation, improve the interest of safety training, mechanical doctrinelike "infusion" education into vivid "immersion" education.