PTW Operating Permit

PTW Operating Permit

Dec 29, 2020

PTW operating Permit

Training purpose

The purpose of this training is to provide the most basic safety requirements, a henkel procedure requirement, and industry standards and good practices related to the work permit procedure.

The factory shall establish relevant operating procedures to clarify relevant safety requirements to meet the requirements of Henkel global and local laws and regulations.

In the event of a conflict, limited compliance with local regulatory requirements should be ensured.

The factory needs to further train more customs officers and new employees in the factory, and they can be included in the regular training plan of the factory.

The factory shall conduct gap analysis and self-assessment and establish an action plan. The action plan shall be followed up to completion. The factory shall conduct annual review on the management and implementation status of relevant on-site procedures.


Define the basic requirements for control of hazardous work tasks, both conventional and unconventional, such as fire hazards, access to containers, work on high, etc. The primary objective is to ensure that all personnel in the KAO plant can avoid injury or even death by controlling hazards.

For hazardous routine work tasks, a written safety procedure shall be established, implemented and maintained, based on a risk assessment and approved by the supervisor. The procedure should be reviewed periodically, at least once a year when a fire change occurs.