Removal Of Locks And Tags

Removal Of Locks And Tags

Nov 14, 2020

Removal of locks and tags:

When the authorizer does not properly remove his locks and hangers, a special plan must be developed. If the authorizer is not on site, the supervisor shall contact the authorizer himself and ask him to return to work to remove the lock and sign. If the authorizer cannot be contacted, the supervisor must inspect the work area with a competent person to ensure that all personnel have been removed from the machinery, equipment, and process systems and that the work has been completed.

If all personnel have been removed from the machinery, equipment, process system and the operation has been completed, the supervisor must implement Step 9 (Inspection and recovery) of the LOTOTO. The supervisor can then remove (cut or break) the lock and hanger from the energy isolation device. Supervisors must inspect machinery, equipment and process systems to ensure safe operation. Prior to the authorizer's next shift, he/she must be informed that locks and hangtags have been removed. When locks and hangers must be cut or damaged, this should be reported to the site manager and the root cause investigated. Specific plans must be developed at the site to resolve the notification procedures related to the removal of the Lock out Tag out device.

Change management:

All site management must establish a process system to manage the risks associated with the modification or creation of machinery, equipment, process systems.

Hazardous energy control procedures (HECP) and training in new machinery, equipment and process systems.