Responsibility - Isolate The Witness

Responsibility - Isolate The Witness

Dec 19, 2019

Responsibility - isolate the witness

Check isolation process

Verify that all steps are performed

Assist isolation personnel or isolation team leader

Isolation procedure

For complex isolation, isolation procedures are necessary

Complex isolation

Greater than or equal to 2 isolation points or greater than or equal to 2 energy sources

Isolation procedure - preparation

It must be prepared by a certified isolation planner

Under certain conditions can be written by the isolation personnel

Identify the items of equipment to be isolated

Check the workplace

Determine the isolation limit

Identify hazards and control measures

Use the energy source checklist to ensure that all energy sources are identified

Isolation program - content

Program name isolation point location isolation point type isolation point identification label

Action - need to place isolation point to safe (isolated) location

Validation step

Isolation device requirements - isolation lock

Use only company-supplied locks

Do not change the lock's appearance or paint

Never attempt to bypass or operate an isolation point with a lock

If lock or key is lost, report to supervisor immediately

Only used to lock isolation points to unisolated locations

Never rely on someone else's lock - never lock your own lock to another lock ring

Only for isolation purposes

Isolation device requirements - identification label

Personal locks - personal information

Equipment lock - unit - unit isolation board identification number

Device lock - isolation - isolator personal information

To the lock ring of the lock

Not for other purposes

Note: can also be used for group locking