Responsibility System For Production Safety

Responsibility System For Production Safety

May 09, 2020

Responsibility system for production safety:

In accordance with the laws and regulations on production safety and the actual production situation of enterprises, it is a system that clearly stipulates what leaders, functional departments, engineers and technicians at all levels should do and what responsibilities they should bear in respect of production safety.

The role of safe production responsibility system:

1. The responsibilities of the main person in charge and other person in charge, the relevant departments and employees in the business activities are clearly defined.

2. Establish a clear division of labor, effective operation and responsibility implementation system among all departments and employees, which is conducive to the implementation of the safety work.

There are people at every level in charge of the security work.

The established rules and regulations of production safety include:

1. Production safety responsibility system -- who does what

2. Technical operation rules of various production equipment

3. Safety operation rules for each type of work and each post

4. Work safety education system

5. Safety production inspection system

6. Reward and punishment system for production safety

7. Penalty system for violation of regulations

8. Accident investigation reporting system

9. Accident handling and accountability system