Responsible Accident Inspection Report

Responsible Accident Inspection Report

Nov 21, 2019

Responsible accident inspection report

Shanxi orchid group newly built 500,000-ton annual output of new nano materials project department:

Liu mou falls the occurrence of accident, sounded the alarm bell of safety again. It disrupted the normal work order of the company and affected the progress of the project. It also involved a lot of energy of the leaders and brought pain to the injured and their families. Through the way, feel the security management work loopholes.

The accident was caused by a poor supervision of the workers' work. Safety did not cause sufficient attention, paralysis, superficial, advance prevention of safety awareness is not strong, can not timely find problems, eliminate the hidden dangers of safety. We didn't do the best we could before things got worse, and we didn't really nip all the potential accidents in the bud. In the scene can not strictly implement the principle of "act according to the rules", for some do not conform to the safety principle of behavior, always considerate, less correction, lack of dare to be really hard. There are many loopholes in the field safety management.

As the person in charge of the site, should grasp the decisive factor of safe and stable work, how to play the role, directly related to the safety and stability of workers. In catching the safety of work to often carefully check the safety factor of equipment, timely and thoroughly eliminate hidden dangers and effective prevention. Find some hidden problems in the site, and promptly to rectify.

Take measures to strengthen the rectification:

Improve their own ideological understanding, strengthen safety education. The inspection shall be carried out in person and take the initiative to implement it. In accordance with the requirements of superiors and leaders, the safety work instruction shall be comprehensively promoted, and safety problems shall be analyzed and solved in a timely manner. At the same time, starting from improving the quality of on-site workers, the fundamental concept of "safety is life" is really let everyone know, share, to make every worker of us firmly establish the consciousness of "safety first". But also to really infiltrate our safety concept into every worker's thinking, consciousness, behavior. Try to avoid such accidents.