Safe Production Unearth Potential Benefit

Safe Production Unearth Potential Benefit

Jan 08, 2019

Safe production excavation potential benefit is the eternal theme of the enterprise! We should recognize the importance of work safety and the reality and inevitability of its potential positive and negative benefits. While grasping economic work, we should grasp the work of production safety. While grasping management, we should grasp the management of production safety. The responsibility system for production safety should be put into practice, instead of being hung on the lips and pasted on the wall, so that the work of production safety can be guaranteed and its potential positive benefits can be constantly played to ensure the improvement of the overall benefits of the enterprise and promote the development of the enterprise.

The more difficult the enterprise, the more poor efficiency, the more attention to safety in production. At present, quite a few state-owned enterprises are struggling, and there are difficulties and problems of varying degrees in production and operation, such as unsalable products, increasing debts, difficult operation and poor efficiency. Some enterprises in order to get rid of the predicament, looking for a way out, the use of idle plant, equipment, site to engage in leasing, contracting; Some tear down frontage wall to build storefront, open tertiary industry. No matter what we do, we cannot relax the management of production safety in enterprises. Only safety can bring benefits and provide a way out, and only in this way can we truly get rid of difficulties. Can not be a "life and death contract" as evidence, to rent escrow, escrow contract, so that the original revitalization of assets, mining potential positive benefits into potential negative benefits. Once a security accident occurs, the economic loss will directly affect the overall benefit of the enterprise, endangering the survival and development of the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises should be more cautious in the plight, pay attention to the safety of production work everywhere, safety is benefit, in peace is possible to gradually out of the plight.