Safety Behavior Observation

Safety Behavior Observation

Jun 04, 2020

Safety Behavior Observation Step 1 - Job preparation

Determine the area of observation

The following factors can be considered in determining the observation area:

1. Work areas with high risk operations

2. Areas with more potential safety hazards (safety inspection report, audit report, accident report)

3. Work areas with cross work

4. Work area of the subcontractor in the new approach

Identify the person being observed

All staff working in the field can be observed, but can focus on observation:

1. New or inexperienced employees

2. Employees with high work pressure

3. New subcontractor employees

Employees in a hurry

Preparation of work plan

Contents to be included in the Safety Behaviour Observation work plan:

1. Members participating in safety behavior Observation

2. Areas under observation and personnel under key observation

3. Arrangement of observation time and frequency

4. Communication, recording, reporting and feedback requirements