Safety Measures For Overhaul Of Chemical Equipment

Safety Measures For Overhaul Of Chemical Equipment

May 21, 2019

Safety measures needed in the overhaul of chemical equipment

Necessary safety treatment before maintenance

1. Stop according to the predetermined plan.

According to the provisions of the maintenance plan and the requirements of each process, realize the timely exchange of information between departments, and stop the operation of related equipment at an appropriate time according to the maintenance plan.

2. Pay attention to the strength during pressure relief.

The process of pressure relief shall be carried out slowly, and it is prohibited to move or dismantle any chemical equipment without complete pressure relief.

3. Materials and garbage in the equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned.

Careful observation of the discharge port, prevent flammable, explosive and harmful substances are discharged into the sewer, or discharge to the ground, causing losses to people and things on the ground. When discharging, install the discharge pipe on the designated ground to avoid pollution to the surrounding environment. At the same time, the discharge shall be as clean as possible, and the toxic gas sent out that cannot be collected shall be properly handled.

4. Reasonably control the cooling and quantity reduction speed.

Prevent failure of high temperature equipment due to improper cooling treatment. For cooling high temperature equipment, it shall first cut off the heat source, and ventilation, with proper natural cooling to achieve the purpose of cooling, cutting can not directly pouring cold water for cooling, especially when the outside air temperature is higher, should slow cooling, prevent equipment damage caused by the temperature of severe changes, to prevent fire or explosion accidents, and at the same time to prevent the poisonous and harmful substances pollution to the environment.

5. The valve should be opened properly.

The correct way to open the valve should be after opening the valve buckle, stop for a moment, so that a small amount of material first through, the material flow of the situation to observe, when the material flow is smooth and then gradually adjust the valve, constantly accelerate. It is important to note that the steam valve should be carried out when the opening of the pipeline heat should be extra attention.

6. Stop the operation of high-temperature vacuum equipment.

First of all, the vacuum state should be eliminated to control the high-temperature equipment. When the temperature in the equipment is mentioned as the natural temperature, it can contact with the natural environment to prevent the air from entering the high-temperature equipment and causing combustion, explosion and other accidents.

Safety measures needed in the overhaul of chemical equipment

1. In the maintenance process of chemical equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the running equipment is in a stopped state.

2. During the maintenance of all kinds of electric machinery equipment, ensure the disconnection of the mechanical power, such as fuse, electric switch, or pour down, makes in the maintenance state of the machine to stop running and colleagues need when maintenance equipment necessary warning signs, words such as "maintenance, no closing".

3. If the light inside the equipment is poor, the lighting tools and power tools should be within the safe voltage range. The safe voltage in the dry equipment is less than or equal to 36V, and the safe voltage in the wet or closed environment is less than or equal to 12V.

4. If flammable substances exist in the maintenance area or equipment, it shall meet the requirements of explosion protection.