Safety Measures For Overhaul Of Pipelines And Valves

Safety Measures For Overhaul Of Pipelines And Valves

Apr 27, 2019

Safety measures for overhaul of pipelines and valves:

1. Before maintenance, it must be confirmed that the valve and pipeline are reliably isolated from the system, and the maintenance can only be started after the water is drained and the pressure is reduced to zero in the system where the valve and pipeline are located.

2. When making the groove, the staff shall wear protective glasses and shall not stand in the direction of Martian spatter.

3. Remove the power supply of the valve's electric head and the air source of the pneumatic head, and put up the warning board. When removing the electrical and pneumatic head, loosen the bolt and slowly drop it with the hoist, and set it at rest. After the valve parts are removed, they should be placed in the designated position and rubber pads should be laid on the ground to prevent damage to the equipment and the ground.

4. Valve seat, valve core grinding strictly implement the coarse, fine, fine process standards, replace the flat grinding sandpaper, the first grinding tools all put forward, to prevent nuts and other debris into the valve shell.

5. The spool and valve seat joint surface shall be inspected and qualified before assembly. During assembly, the parts and components that have passed the acceptance inspection shall be cleaned up, and the process sequence shall be strictly followed to prevent leakage and wrong loading.

6. When the valve flange bolts are released, the staff shall not stand directly on the flange joint surface to prevent residual soda water from spewing out and injuring people.

7. In the maintenance of soda and powder pipelines, old pipelines shall be cut off, while new pipelines, expansion joints and elbows shall be installed and hoisted, and the lower part shall be forbidden to stand and pass during butt welding to avoid smashing, burning and scalding.

8. When cutting the pipe, the pipe mouth must be sealed timely to prevent falling into debris. The material to be replaced must be confirmed by the material, and there is a certificate, can be used to prevent the wrong material.

9. Before the pulverized coal pipeline stops running, the pulverized coal in the pipeline should be blown clean to prevent the spontaneous combustion of accumulated powder.