Safety Measures Required In The Overhaul Of Chemical Equipment

Equipment maintenance operation of electricity problems

1. In the process of chemical equipment maintenance, ensure that the running equipment is in a stop state.

2. In the maintenance of various electrical mechanical equipment, ensure that the power supply of the machine is disconnected, such as the fuse to go down, or the electrical switch to fall down measures, so that the machine in the maintenance state can stop the operation, at the same time in the maintenance of the necessary warning board, such as "maintenance, do not close the switch" and other words.

3. Maintenance equipment internal light is poor, then the use of lighting tools, power tools should be within the safe voltage range of the safe voltage of the dry equipment is less than or equal to 36v, wet environment or closed environment of the safe voltage is less than or equal to 12v.

4. If combustible substances exist in the maintenance area or equipment, explosion proof requirements shall be met.