Safety Padlock Listing Steps

Safety Padlock Listing Steps

Jul 12, 2017

Safety Padlock listing steps
Step 1: Prepare your work
      Ready to turn off energy. Common types of energy are (electricity, mechanical energy, air energy, etc ...) and its potential danger. Put the isolation protection device (safety padlock) and prepare to turn off the energy
Step 2: Notify the job
      Inform the operator and manager of the work that may be affected by the isolation of the protective machine.
Step 3: Close the job
      Close the device or machine
Step 4: Secure padlock work
      Use the appropriate safety and safety padlock to lock all energy to turn off the equipment or machine. When secure padlocks, make sure no one can open the switch or the valve. And then put a warning label on the security lock to prevent accidental operation.
Step 5: Test work
      Test all machine controls and circuits to ensure that the energy is completely isolated.
Step 6: Maintenance work
     According to the use of different machines, for maintenance, such as some need to maintain a month, some longer ... ...
Step 7: Return to normal operation
      When all work is completed and the safety padlock / listing is released, make sure that all tools and mechanical circuit safety padlocks are removed. Be sure to inform all workers before re-energizing the energy.
 According to the US professional agency survey shows that in all industrial accidents, 10% of the accident in the absence of the correct use of the safety padlock for security padlocks related to an average of 250,000 per year with the safety padlock no security padlock listed industrial accidents, An average of more than 200 people were killed each year, more than 60,000 people were injured, the annual cause of the accident caused by the number of days for 24 days. Because of this, the United States OSHA on September 1, 1989 issued on the dangerous energy control (security padlock listing) requirements. This requirement requires that all power sources be in the industrial production environment and that "Lock Out / Tag Out" is required for maintenance and repair of the equipment. Failure to do so may result in accidental pneumatic or hazardous energy Release and cause harm.
       The main role of the safety padlock is to lock the equipment or energy source, so that operators in the equipment or energy source maintenance, can effectively control the energy release, to prevent accidents, so as to protect the safety of workers.
Safety Padlock maintenance tips one
Safety Padlocks we often use, so we should pay attention to the usual clean, I said clean is not just the safety padlock wiped out the same with the new, it is difficult to complete, but he is not the most important The most important cleaning area is the cylinder, we have to ensure that the lock cylinder will not enter anything, otherwise it will be difficult to open the security padlock, so not only can not achieve the role of our safety padlock itself, but also give us to increase A lot of trouble.
Safety Padlock maintenance coup two
Humans can not afford the destruction of time, age will always show a lot of things that show our age, such as wrinkles will become more and more obvious, and our security padlock will also be affected by the time, although it will not appear wrinkles, but Over time, the cylinder will appear in the oxidation layer, so we have to postpone this situation, it must be regularly injected into the lock cylinder lubricants, graphite powder or pencil powder and so on.