Safety Protection Equipment Purchase And Use Plan

Safety Protection Equipment Purchase And Use Plan

Jan 15, 2019

1. The procurement plan of safety protective equipment shall be put forward by the project department, reviewed by the project manager, and purchased by the material staff of the project department. Special labor protection quality purchased

The quantity must meet the qualified standard of national or industry standard, and be put into storage and account in the project department. 

2. The safety protective equipment purchased shall be the product that has obtained the safety mark of safety protective equipment. Safety signs and certificates for safety protective articles shall be issued by the state administration of supervision and administration of production safety

Bureau of supervision, stamped with safety protective equipment safety signs management center seal.

3. Special labor protection supplies must be purchased from manufacturers or merchants specializing in the production and operation of labor protection supplies, and the business operators must be above the municipal industrial and commercial administration

The administrative department shall put on record and handle formal and legal procedures for purchase.

4. The old safety protection articles rented by the project department must be qualified products with complete and qualified quality certificates.

5. The labor protection products purchased must conform to the national or industrial standards, and must have the "three certificates", namely the production license, safety identification certificate and product qualification certificate, which are issued by the ministry of security

Door acceptance before storage.