Safety Shielding Facility

Safety Shielding Facility

Dec 20, 2018

According to the requirements of national and regional laws and regulations, the purpose is to strengthen the supervision and management of safety protective appliances and mechanical equipment on the construction site, prevent the flow of unqualified products into the construction site and cause casualties, and ensure the safety of construction, the provisions are hereby formulated.

1. Safety protective equipment:

Safety protection articles include safety helmet, safety belt, safety net, safety rope and other personal protective articles, etc.

Safety protection facilities include a variety of "edge, hole" protective equipment, etc.

Electrical products include hand-held electric tools, woodworking machinery, reinforced steel machinery, vibration machinery, leakage protector, brake box, cable, electrical switch, socket and electrical components.

Erection equipment includes all kinds of scaffolding composed of wood, steel and other materials, as well as parts and climbing facilities.

2. Construction machinery and equipment include large and medium-sized lifting machinery, mixer, gantry frame and other construction machinery and equipment.

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