Safety Tag

Safety Tag

Oct 19, 2018

During the inspection and repair of mechanical equipment, the power must be cut off (with obvious disconnection point) and the sign board of "human operation and no closing" must be hung. The sign must be signed jointly by relevant posts and recorded in the central control room.

In remote operation under the condition of fire or fire line affected, must want to have someone to care, if the shift work has been finished, in succession to specify those responsible, will sign handover, and completes the handover records, check the repair work finished, after the security is verified by listed, may delist delivered equipment operation for the related personnel.

Mechanical equipment in normal operation and power line switch must be labeled with "equipment is allowed" and "no pulling" sign and designated person in charge

In the dangerous part that easily causes the accident such as injury of strangulation, scald, electric shock, etc., should have apparent position to hang corresponding sign board (be like when running, forbid to add oil, forbid to cross, be careful to get electric shock), in order to remind the worker to prevent accident