Safety Tag (life Tag)

Safety Tag (life Tag)

Sep 03, 2019

Safety tag (life tag)

This item can decide whether to need according to everybody's actual situation, agree with padlock commonly

Security tags

1. The lock must also be displayed on the tag

The name


On the date

Repair information or telephone number can be marked on the back

2. The safety tag is used together with the life lock by authorized personnel.

The purpose is to warn and instruct operators not to operate or open the equipment when authorizing maintenance on the equipment.

3. The label itself cannot be used as a means of isolating energy sources.

Type of sign

Each territorial superintendent shall establish a general signage for the territory of this book. Specific information contained in the general sign includes: energy source identified and described, locking mode, confirmation mode, related risks of locking tag, schematic diagram of equipment layout and location of energy isolation point and related risks.

Local signs are posted directly on the equipment near the entrance or safety protection area. Local signs contain specific information: energy control methods, work tasks.