Safety Warning Tag Classification Of Safety Warning Labels

Safety Warning Tag Classification Of Safety Warning Labels

May 18, 2017

Classification of safety warning labels

1 It is necessary to set a prohibition mark in a place where you are not allowed or stopped someone's behavior. Its meaning is to prohibit people from unsafe behavior of the graphic logo. The basic form of the prohibition of signs is the borders of the scribbled bouquets.

2 A warning mark must be set at a place where you are advised to be in danger. The implication is to draw attention to the surrounding environment to avoid possible signs of danger. Its basic shape is a triangular border, yellow and black.

3 Safety Warning Tag The command mark must be set at the place where you must comply. Its meaning is to force people to make some action or take preventive measures of the graphic logo. Its basic shape for the circular border. Blue and white.

4 The prompt mark must be set at the location where the target direction is indicated. Its meaning is to provide people with some kind of information graphical logo. The basic shape is a square border, green white. Safety warning label setting principle

1. Safety warning labels should be in accordance with the prompts can be prompted to remind the purpose of security warning signs should be set in the eye-catching place and it indicates the target near (such as flammable, explosive, toxic, high pressure and other dangerous places), so Into the scene staff easy to identify, cause vigilance, prevent the occurrence of accidents.

2. All units in the set security warning labels at the same time, according to public places and production environment, set the corresponding public information signs, such as emergency exit, pay attention to safety and so on.

3. Safety Warning Tag The safety warning label should be set in a conspicuous place and ensure that the logo has sufficient brightness and illumination; if there is a light, the lighting should not be colored.

4. Security warning labels should be set up to avoid abuse and non-standard use, in the same area, to avoid the content of contradictory content and content similar to the logo. With the right amount of signs to remind people to pay attention to the purpose of security, set the graphic symbols must comply with the provisions of national standards. Safety warning labels should be set up firmly and reliably, should not be located in doors and windows and other moving objects, shall not hinder the normal operation and to avoid causing new risks.

6 How the security warning labels are set up

1. 1 Attachment: Attach signs directly to buildings and other facilities.

1.2 hanging type: the flag hanging in a fixed solid objects.

1.3 Column: Fix the mark on the pole.

1.4 Other requirements

2. Safety warning labels are corporate public property, each employee has the obligation to care, have the responsibility to stop their behavior to stop. 7.2 Configuration of safety warning labels Use should be included in all levels of security checks, production safety department is responsible for the installation, the departments responsible for routine maintenance, to keep clean, to prevent contamination and damage.

3. Safety Warning Tag Surface safety warning labels due to force majeure (wind and rain) damage to the unit to inform the Ministry of Security, the Department will repair or replacement.

4. The use of safety warning labels, distribution, recycling by the Department of security responsible for the responsibility and do a good job of record, the collection of waste recycling, as much as possible re-use, can not be used for waste disposal.