Security Sign Identification Card Setting

Security Sign Identification Card Setting

Dec 29, 2018

The principle of setting up and using the security sign identification card

1. Safety signs required at the gate outside the factory

1. Relevant safety signs with height and width limits shall be set up at the gate with access of vehicles.

2. "no smoking" safety signs

3. Set up safety protection signs according to the factory conditions. Such as "must wear helmet", "must wear protective glasses", "must wear protective shoes".

Ii. Safety signs required within the factory

1. Set up warning signs in relevant places

2. Set "beware of mechanical injury" in power distribution room, switch and other places.

Safety sign

In the machining workshop that causes hand injury, set "beware of hand injury".

In casting workshops and workshops with sharp corners and loose materials that are likely to cause foot injury, set "beware of foot pricking".

3. Mandatory use of graphic signs at the doors of relevant workshops where protection is required.

In the workshop prone to splash, such as welding, cutting, machining and other workshops, "must wear protective glasses".

In workshops where noise exceeds 85db, "ear protectors must be worn".

"Protective gloves must be worn" should be set up in the work place that is easy to hurt hands, such as the mechanical processing workshop that is easy to cut hands, and the operation point where electric shock is easy to occur.

"Protective shoes must be worn" should be set up in workshops that are prone to foot injury.

Use warning stripes to distinguish between different workplaces

Important or dangerous production and processing areas can be delimited by red and yellow zebras, and marked with "danger" warning signs to indicate。