Select The Correct Locking Device

Select The Correct Locking Device

Jun 20, 2019

Locking devices are an essential part of the Lockout tagout project. Industrial machinery, circuit boards, sockets, push - button switches, valves and other equipment, usually need to be locked. Due to the variety of locked devices, it is difficult to choose when purchasing equipment. But it helps to consider two points: necessity and organization. "Necessity" means having a clear understanding of what it needs; "Organization" means the use of standardized tools to achieve the management of locked equipment.

First, companies should be clear about their needs. OSHA's guidelines do help, but because each site is unique, they don't apply to all sites. Once the requirements are clear, make a list of the facilities and electrical components that need to be locked. This will make it easier to choose the best locking device, since each device has its own unique function and needs to meet different requirements.

Secondly, the locking equipment delineation standards, the implementation of systematic management. Lockout Station is an effective way to place locked equipment and organize it. This method has many advantages, such as it can not only install the locking device, but also save space and improve the efficiency of workers' locking operation. In addition, if the equipment is placed in a workstation in an orderly manner, workers will know exactly where to get the equipment when they need to perform locking operations during repair and maintenance operations. Padlocks should also be classified according to size and color to facilitate workers to identify their functions and USES.