Ship Dangerous Energy Control

Ship Dangerous Energy Control

Jun 11, 2019

Ship's daily work, there will be a lot of electrical equipment, high pressure, high temperature, low temperature pipeline maintenance work, involving dangerous energy, in the process of maintenance crew wrong operation or improper operation, lead to accidental release of dangerous energy, light can cause hull or Marine equipment damage, serious can make the crew members were injured, even life threatening. LOTO (lockout-tagout) is a general method of dangerous energy control in the world. It is understood that only a few shipowners and ship management companies have introduced LOTO safety procedures, established LOTO licensing system and equipped with LOTO equipment in ship operation. Many crew members or even manager-level crew members are not familiar with LOTO safety procedures and cannot properly master the use of LOTO equipment. This paper introduces the LOTO safety procedures and the use of related equipment, hoping to provide reference for the crew work.

Introduction to LOTO security procedures

LOTO safety program is a method to isolate energy and system, effectively control dangerous energy, and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Internationally, many countries will LOTO safety procedures included in safety regulations, including the occupational safety and health bureau "Europe in work safety and health regulations", the Australian national factory standard "(NOHSC: 1010), the United States department of labor occupational safety and health administration control the hazardous energy (Lockout Tagout) (29 CFR 1910.147). One of the most representative is OSHA standards issued by the occupational safety and health administration.

Hazardous energy refers to electric power, rotating machinery, high temperature fluid, low temperature fluid, high pressure fluid, vacuum, harmful chemicals and so on.