Ship Dangerous Energy Control 2

Ship Dangerous Energy Control 2

Jun 13, 2019

When personnel carry out equipment installation, adjustment, maintenance, overhaul, cleaning, test, inspection, equipment upgrade and other work, personnel need to remove equipment safety protection or personnel will enter the dangerous area of the equipment, it is required to comply with LOTO safety procedures. In general, the following steps should be followed when implementing LOTO security procedures:

(1) prepare to shut down the machine and equipment: authorized personnel identify all energy sources of the machine and equipment and the system, including: electrical, hydraulic, high-pressure gas, steam and all kinds of potential energy), and review methods of isolating and controlling dangerous energy.

(2) notice to relevant personnel: authorized personnel must inform relevant personnel of the following information, including: locking-hanging equipment, all isolated energy, time required for maintenance and inspection, relevant responsible personnel and contact method.

(3) turn off the device: if the device is operating, turn it off according to the normal turning off procedure, and turn off the isolation switch successively.

(4) isolation system dangerous energy: after turning off the switch, lock it with a lock and hang the warning sign. The warning board shall be locked together with the lock, and the warning board shall indicate the information related to the maintenance work, including: start time, expected end time, responsible person, etc.

Residual energy: after the implementation of the LOTO security procedure, all possible residual energy that cannot be locked must be released, such as liquid

(5) residual high-pressure liquid in the pressure pipe, high-pressure gas and steam in the machine and equipment, etc. If residual energy is likely to reaccumulate to harmful levels, monitoring must be carried out throughout the work until the work is over or the possibility does not exist.

(6) isolation effect verification: confirm that all personnel are in a safe state, start the operation button or switch, and confirm that the machine and power energy are effectively isolated, before the maintenance work.

(7) lock keeping: as long as the maintenance work is not finished and the personnel are not confirmed to evacuate to a safe state, the locking-hanging tag must be maintained.

(8) remove lock: after the end of maintenance work, restore the safety device device, remove all tools and useless spare parts for overhaul. Inform relevant personnel to prepare for commissioning. Make sure all staff are safe when unlocking and debugging.