Ship Dangerous Energy Control 3

Ship Dangerous Energy Control 3

Jun 15, 2019

The hydraulic pipe of the hatch cover of a cargo hold leaked oil. After inspection, it was found that the hydraulic pipe was corroded and damaged. It was necessary to replace the hydraulic pipe.

Before the pipeline maintenance, the responsible officer shall arrange and deploy the maintenance work. In addition to the cold work license, the LOTO locking-hanging license shall also be completed. The LOTO security management program needs to follow the following steps:

(1) identify the dangerous energy of hydraulic pipeline as high-pressure liquid. (2) confirm the hydraulic pump is closed, cut off the hydraulic pump power supply, and mark the isolation point. This hydraulic system has two energy isolation points: the hatch cover hydraulic pump switch button and the hatch cover hydraulic pump power supply switch. (3) use the start button lock to isolate the start button of the hydraulic pump of the hatch cover; Use the break switch lock to isolate the hatch cover hydraulic pump power supply switch. (4) a warning board shall be hung to mark the maintenance content, start time, end time and person in charge of the maintenance work. (5) there may be oil pressure in the hydraulic pipeline. In order to prevent injury caused by oil pressure and pollution caused by overflow of hydraulic oil, the pipeline should be decompressioned and disabled before completely opening the pipeline. (6) verify the isolation effect. When personnel are in a safe state, start the hydraulic pump button of hatch cover to verify the energy isolation situation and start the maintenance work after confirming the isolation effect is safe. (7) the crew in charge of maintenance shall keep the key and maintain the energy lock during the maintenance work. (8) when it is confirmed that the maintenance work is over, the hydraulic pipeline is replaced and the lock is removed. (9) cleaning up

Other problems in the implementation of LOTO security procedures

LOTO safety procedures should be included in irregular shore-based training, pre-job training and ship training for crew members. Strengthen the training on the implementation of LOTO safety procedures, LOTO licensing system, and LOTO equipment use methods, so as to strengthen the safety awareness of dangerous energy control.

Improve the LOTO safety procedure licensing system, including it into the ship licensing system, into the ship safety management system. Before the maintenance of electrical equipment, high pressure, high temperature and low temperature pipelines, the crew in charge shall make appropriate permits and make relevant safety preparations.

Five, the conclusion

Practice has proved that LOTO safety program is an effective dangerous energy control method, which can effectively reduce personnel operation risk. It is hoped that LOTO safety procedures can be paid enough attention to in ship safety management, and be standardized and implemented.