Short Connection Protection, Bury Hidden Danger

Short Connection Protection, Bury Hidden Danger

Mar 21, 2020

Short connection protection, bury hidden danger

How it happened:

Around 11 o 'clock at night in August 2003, a worker of a company in Qingdao, ma, was operating the injection molding machine. Due to the malfunction of the mechanical protection baffle of injection molding equipment, the mechanical protection was not maintained. When the equipment completes the injection molding of the workpiece to take part, the equipment moves, will operate the right arm of the male into a serious injury.

Cause of accident:

1. The direct cause of the accident is that someone changed the protective devices of the equipment without permission.

2. The main cause of the accident is that the equipment and safety officers fail to carry out the daily inspection and supervision of the injection molding machine and go through the scene, and fail to find and solve the problem effectively.

3. The team leader, safety officer and sub-factory of the business division fail to timely check and stop the violation of rules and regulations on the scene, which is the indirect cause of the accident and shall be responsible for management.

Accident warning:

1. "three violations" is one of the original causes of production safety accidents. The accidents caused by illegal operation and violation of labor discipline account for more than half of the total number of accidents. "Three violations" has become the main cause of the accident.

2. Production units and operators do not fully understand the seriousness of the consequences of violation of rules and regulations, resulting in the phenomenon of "three violations" many times.