Sign Making

Sign Making

Sep 07, 2019

Sign making

Identification and evaluation

Team members shall organize the energy source identification and investigation of the equipment, and confirm all energy types, sources, release locations, lockable locations and affected employees, and complete the risk identification work.

Appropriate "warning words" are selected for the dangerous characteristics of the maintenance point;

Specify the specific location where the hazard point should be listed;

Accurately plot the plan of the hazard point;

Point out the control object and lock point of the dangerous position;

Evaluate the control object and lock point of the dangerous position;

Evaluate the number of listed stocks by category;

Sign in process of drawing;

Draw local signage.

Single point locking application

1. According to the feedback of field personnel:

The isolation points involved in the maintenance of a single device are different, so it is recommended that each device has an independent set of common locks to control the energy isolation locking of the device, plus a management cluster equipment box with uniform coding for differentiation.

2. The number of lock box/padlock is the same. A single device can be used as a reference set, or multiple devices can share a set. The premise is that the public locks used must meet the locking requirements of the isolation point.

The key of public lock shall be placed in the lock box, and then managed by the lock box. The personal life lock of corresponding operators shall be hung on the outside of the lock box. Lock in person, the last responsible for lifting.