Signs Are Divided Into Two Types: General Signs And Local Signs

Signs Are Divided Into Two Types: General Signs And Local Signs

Nov 12, 2019

The sign

Signs are divided into two types: general signs and local signs

LOTO master tag: a table representing a specific procedure for a locked device that identifies and describes the energy source, the locked/released point and method, the method of identification, and the associated risks associated with Lockout tagout. Also included is a schematic diagram of the equipment layout and the location of the energy isolation point and the corresponding risks.

LOTO local signs: approved local signs are posted directly on the equipment in a standard format near the entrance or security area. It defines approved methods of energy control and possible simple tasks to perform in a hazardous area.

Sign making process

1. Establish working groups:

Team members include at least maintenance personnel, production personnel, EHS personnel;

The maintenance staff usually serves as the team leader;

Project department designers may be required to participate if necessary

Consider electrical, hydro, wind, mechanical, or other professional needs

Make a copy of the LOTO card work order and machine plan or sketch

2 evaluation machine:

Conduct energy source identification and investigation of equipment

Evaluate the equipment to determine how many LOTO CARDS to use

Determine which energy sources need to be locked.