Special Case - Non-operational State

Special Case - Non-operational State

Dec 15, 2020

Special case - "Non-operational state"

If the machine or device is not safe to operate and needs to be removed from use for a period of time thereafter, there will be no personnel to work on it. A "non-operational" listing should be set up on the supervisor lock.

The equipment is back in service

Inventory and ensure that all personnel are removed from the equipment area. And notifies the affected personnel that the equipment will be enabled.

Verify that all tools have been removed and all protection has been restored.

Restart the device.

Regular inspection

Inspect/audit the isolation site at least once a year and keep a written record for at least 3 years;

The inspection/audit shall be performed by an independent authorized person, not the person performing the quarantine or the person being inspected;

The inspection/audit must include a review of the compliance of the quarantined personnel with their responsibilities under the specified procedures;

Inspection/audit records must indicate basic information such as quarantine objects, inspectors, date and time of inspection;