Special Circumstances - Change Of Shift Or Personnel

Special Circumstances - Change Of Shift Or Personnel

Sep 05, 2019

Special circumstances - change of shift or personnel

Applicable conditions: shift handover or change of maintenance personnel

Requirements: the maximum valid time allowed for the Lockout tagout execution is the minimum time required to complete the task in one shift or in one shift.


A. Operators and team leaders must inform shift changers of the current status of work;

B. After the life lock and life card are removed by the authorized personnel handed over. Shift personnel shall make clear the "verification" steps of each isolation point through the copies of work permit, isolation certificate, equipment isolation plan and energy isolation sheet to verify the existence of zero energy state in the system, and then use the life lock and life card;

Special circumstances - third party contractors

Applicable conditions:

Activities of external contractors within the company


LOTO procedures performed by external contractors must be no less than the company's LOTO standards, as well as using life locks


The maintenance site must appoint an employee as the supervisor and coordinator;

The company's authorized personnel must be the last to remove the lock before the contractor locks it.